Requirements for Artwork You Provide

We will use our best judgement to match the color in your supplied proofs with our stock ink colors. We have a wide range of stock colors available, but if you require a specific match to a Pantone color or garment sample, we can mix a custom color at an additional cost of $25.00 per color.

The process of printing on a cotton surface is very different from printing on paper. A perfect match between the two is not always achievable; we strive to be as close as possible at all times. However, resolutions below the recommended 300 resolution will result in grainy, low quality images (especially low resolution jpegs). If at all possible high quality tiffs, eps or pdf is preferable to ensure a higher quality print.


All supplied artwork must adhere to the following guidelines. If there are any changes to the art or if the art supplied needs to be worked on in any way by our staff, an additional minimum half hour charge will be added to the order. Our custom artwork is billed on an hourly rate. (You will be notified on how much time and cost it will be, before any work is done.)

The art you supply should be the actual size you wish printed. Our maximum printable area varies from item to item, so contact us about specifics.


When creating your artwork for textile printing it is good to keep in mind the limitations of textiles. Fine detail such as lines under 1pt. and halftone dots under 10% will not reproduce. You should expect a dot gain of 20% to 30%, so halftones of 60% or more will appear solid due to the space between the dots closing up.

Printing on dark garments has special considerations and will vary from job to job. Please contact us so we can help you maximize your artwork for printing on dark items.

Size minimums:

  • positive text: 8 points
  • negative text: 10 points
  • positive line: .75 point
  • negative line: 1 point
  • positive ® mark: 16 points
  • negative ® mark: 20 points

The maximum imprint area size is 13”wide x 14”high on an adult shirt (Smaller for youth tees) For imprinting on a left chest, the average size is 3.75” wide x 3.75” high.


Best results are achieved if your text is clearly legible and your art is well defined and bold. Embroidery has limitations with fine detail and small text. Avoid images that have grayscales, such as photographs and gradients.


The same steps used for embroidery pertain to promotional items, since most specialty items have small and difficult printing surfaces. (Example: Pens made of plastic.) Your art should be as simple as possible. There are however some products where higher detail is possible, so we can help recommend what would be best for your particular item.


Main applications used:

  • Adobe Acrobat CS
  • Adobe Illustrator CS
  • Adobe Photoshop CS
  • Macromedia Freehand MX

We can NOT open Publisher files.

Please send your files in the native format with all support files.

BITMAP/RASTER FILES(Photoshop): Avoid rasterizing text as this causes legibility problems.

Include fonts in your submission.

VECTOR FILES(Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw): Be sure to convert type to paths or outlines, or supply the font used and linked graphics if needed.

You can also compress the files into one archive file(Zip or Stuffit) if needed for email.


We are able to accept artwork via the following media:

Example of color separations


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