Our story

At ClothesLine we are all about family – it’s threaded in our history. Family owned and operated since 1981, ClothesLine has been established as Tallahassee’s destination for the best in customized apparel. Our team takes your orders to a personal level and our full-service operation specializes in screen printing, embroidery, graphic design, and promotional items.

Rest assured that when you seek guidance on your next family gathering tee, sports team apparel, corporate promo items, family member gift, or practically any item that pops in your mind.... we’ve got you covered. ClothesLine takes great pride in our quality and are committed to providing a superior level of customer service no matter how large or small your order may be.

Meet Our Team


A Look Back in Time

Over 40 years ago, ClothesLine planted roots in Tallahassee. Our flagship shop resided in the New Leaf shopping plaza and focused primarily on retail sales. From university apparel to tshirts for rock ‘n roll music concerts, ClothesLine began to quickly establish itself as a major player in the industry. A music and culture enthusiast, legend even has it that owner David Lachter helped supply Jimi Hendrix’s tailor with denim materials for his stage costumes (talk about a heartthrob!).

David and his wife Debra decided to make the move in 1989 into their current building behind Apalachee Parkway. At that time, in addition to custom screenprinting, the evolution of casual Fridays in the early 90’s led to a boom in embroidered polos and dress shirts.

Today, still family owned and operated (with David & Debra’s daughters), the team handles printing, embroidery and promotional item needs for major universities, local schools, public government and private clientele.


Our Team

Dana Lachter-Rivera

Chaos Manager

Hometown: Born in St. Pete Beach. Grew up in Tallahassee.

Role at ClothesLine: HR, accounting, sales & whatever else needs to be taken care of (except Jaime’s laundry).

Fun Fact: In my double-life I was a sign language interpreter – I have interpreted for many national dignitaries.

What do you love most about your job? Continuing the legacy my dad started (yeah, he’s the founder of ClothesLine). Also, working with some pretty great people makes it all enjoyable.

What's your favorite Tallahassee event? All of it! We are so lucky to live in a town with such great parks, art, and community engagement.

What's your favorite color? Purple. It’s warm and cheerful at the same time. This color represents royalty, and I’m known to be a natural leader. Also, it is the color of many healing crystals. All of this is Dana in a nutshell. Oh, and it’s pretty.

Chuck Swearengin

Master of the Threads

Hometown: Canton, Ohio

Role at ClothesLine: Embroidery department director

Fun fact: My best friend (other than my wife, of course!) coached football at FSU for 37 years.

What do you love most about your job? Producing quality products. Family atmosphere with co-workers.

What's your favorite Tallahassee event? Golf tour.

What's your favorite color? California Blue. My wife likes it when I wear this hue because it changes the color of my eyes, but I honestly prefer orange AND blue... Go Gators!

Dawn Earl

The Closer

Hometown: Tallahassee!

Role at ClothesLine: Sales, assisting with quotes and orders, and keeping tabs on my baby sister, Dana (just kidding! but not really).

Fun fact: My favorite song to play on my ukulele is Becky Reardon's "First Star."

What do you love most about your job? The people who support us! And carrying on the family tradition in the community I love.

What's your favorite Tallahassee event? I love the Saturday farmer's market and the Fall Farm Tour hosted by Millstone Plantation.

What's your favorite color? Purple - like the sunset over a mountainscape or ocean.